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The New Dacia Sandero

Finally, the new Dacia Sandero, in the Automatic case, began to arrive.

I took the opportunity to take a walk to the beautiful area of Montargil.

The car was a nice surprise for the group of friends who accompanied me, as there is a great evolution not only visible in the new grille and image, but with the materials in general, with the improvement in comfort, whether in terms of seats and suspension, the absence of noise, and above all with a superb box, in which you can't notice the changes, and making good use of the 90 hp that end up being “qb”.

Perfect for a pleasant and peaceful drive, come rent and try it out, who knows, maybe buy the automatic, with the best price-quality ratio at the moment. 👌

contact us for more information, or see the Sandero's technical specifications.

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