Terms of the lease Agreement

In all rentals, a car rental contract is made. On the back of the same contract there will always be the following text:

In between

Transrent, Comércio e Renting Vehicles, Lda., and the customer identified on the back of this document, the rental contract is concluded, which will be governed by the following clauses:

Article 1 (Object of the Contract)

1 – Transrent, Lda rents to the customer, and he rents the vehicle indicated on the back of this contract and for the period provided for therein.

2 – The customer undertakes to return the vehicle to Transrent, Lda on the date and place set out on the back of this contract, otherwise the contract will not be terminated.

Article 2 (Payment)

1 – As consideration for the contract entered into, the customer will pay Transrent, Lda., and as soon as requested:

  1. The amount corresponding to the duration of the rental and damage caused in the event of an impact, collision, lightning or explosion, which are not covered by insurance or by the guarantees provided for in this contract, the insurance premiums for the driver and persons transported in said vehicle, if such insurance has been agreed.
  2. The additional debit corresponding to the fee for moving the vehicle from a city other than the one in which it was rented or if the vehicle is left at another point without the written consent of Transrent, Lda., or by accident, in which case the customer is not entitled to a vehicle of substitution.
  3. All taxes and fees payable due to the situations provided for in subparagraphs a) and b) above.
  4. All judicial or extrajudicial expenses, fines or pecuniary penalties, whatever their nature, resulting from the violation of any legal rule attributable to the customer or the vehicle, while in the customer's possession.
  5. All other expenses, including court costs and fees for a lawyer or solicitor hired to secure payment of any sums owed by the client.
  6. The cost of any repairs necessary to bring the vehicle into the same condition as it was delivered to you at the beginning of this contract.

2 – The customer cannot invoke any impeding fact, totally or partially, of his/her responsibility and refuse or suspend the payment of any sums due to Transrent, Lda., arising from this contract.

3 – The rental price, the amount of the security deposit and the price of the extension will be determined by the tariffs in force at all times and paid in advance.

4 – Under no circumstances can the security deposit serve as an extension of the rental, and the customer, in case he intends to maintain the rental of the vehicle beyond the initial period, obtain an agreement from Transrent, Lda., and immediately pay the rental amount in progress and the extension.

5 – Non-compliance with the provisions of the previous number empowers Transrent, Lda., to trigger the appropriate legal processes, including criminal proceedings.

Article 3 (Obligations of the customer)

1 - The customer undertakes, under penalty of exclusion of the guarantees provided for in this contract, to:

  1. Pay to Transrent, Lda., all amounts due due to the conclusion of this contract, namely those provided for in article 2, paragraph 1, subparagraph a)
  2. Deliver to Transrent, Lda., a security deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of the contract, except in cases where there is damage, theft or theft of the vehicle, or when the use of the vehicle, being abusive, or not comply with the traffic rules in force, the customer is responsible, not being the deposit applied but the real value of the damages occurred in the vehicle.
  3. Use the vehicle prudently and normally, complying with the applicable legislation of the road code.
  4. Prevent the vehicle from being driven by a person or persons other than those identified or accepted by Transrent, Lda., as stipulated in this contract and in any annex or amendments that form an integral part of it, only assuming any occasional damages by the drivers identified on the back of this contract.
  5. Preventing transport and not transporting passengers or goods, in exchange for any compensation or remuneration, whatever the form of such remuneration.
  6. Do not use, and prevent the rented vehicle from being used, to push or pull any vehicle or trailer and/or any object, with or without wheels.
  7. Do not use, and prevent the rented vehicle from being used, in sporting events.
  8. Do not use the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, as well as prevent it from being used by people under this influence.
  9. Not to use, and to prevent the rented vehicle from being used, in any transport in violation of customs regulations or which, in any way, is illegal.
  10. Not to sell, mortgage or otherwise pledge the leased vehicle or its tools as collateral, or use it in any way that could harm Transrent, Lda.

2 – Any violation of the provisions of this clause authorizes Transrent, Lda., to withdraw the vehicle from the customer, without prior notice, and without prejudice to the compensation that, under legal and contractual terms, the customer is obliged to satisfy.

Article 4 (Vehicle condition)

1 – The customer expressly declares that he received the vehicle in perfect conditions of use, in an impeccable state of mechanics and painting and with the tires in good condition and without punctures, with any damages being those declared at the back of the contract.

two -

  1. In the event of deterioration, loss or malfunction of its mechanical parts, for reasons beyond its normal use, the customer is responsible for paying the cost of the respective repair.
  2. The normal maintenance of the mechanics resulting from use is the responsibility of Transrent, lda., which, to be carried out, only with the prior authorization of Transrent, Lda.
  3. The vehicle must be returned in similar cleaning conditions, if it is necessary to clean it, for example (sands or transport of animals, etc.) there will be an additional minimum payment of 25.00 Euros for a simple cleaning and a maximum of 100 .00 Euros, plus the current VAT rate.
  4. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel it was picked up with. If this does not happen, the proportional amount of missing fuel will be charged and a fee of 10.00 Euros for the refueling service.

Under no circumstances may the customer claim compensation for delay in delivering the vehicle, either for immobilisation during the rental or for cancellation of the contract due to vehicle repair.

Article 5

1 – In the case of MTB rental, third-party insurance is only applied when agreed, otherwise this firm declines any civil liability during the rental period, with the lessee being entirely responsible for any damage caused in third parties.

Article 6 (Applicable law and jurisdiction)

1 – For any issue arising from this contract, the parties elect from now on the Jurisdiction of the District of Cascais, with express waiver of any other.

PS – The general conditions of this contract are available in English and French, please ask the person attending for further details.

Personal data protection If you are a natural person, we inform you that your data will be processed for the purpose of issuing the invoice and managing the commercial relationship with the issuing entity. Personal data will be kept for as long as the commercial relationship is maintained and will not be deleted if necessary to comply with legal obligations or for filing, exercising and defending claims. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, alteration and cancellation, as well as the limitation of processing, revocation, portability and not being subject to automated individual decisions, for the tax address indicated in this document as being from the respective issuing entity.

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