Car Rental Group H – 7 Seats

Dacia Jogger 7 Seater or Similar

A 7-seater family car with quality, space, comfort and performance to make your rental an unforgettable experience.

1 to 3 days: €110.70


4 to 8 days: €98.40


Deposit amount: €1500​

Prices Valid for 30 days​

Add €2.15/day per Toll Identifier (maximum charged 10 days)
7 places
Air conditioning
Unlimited Km
Insurance Included

Are you ready to rent a 7-seater car?

Introducing the latest member of our car rental fleet: the 7-seater Dacia Jogger Extreme, a perfect choice for those looking for comfort, space and efficiency. This hybrid vehicle is the ideal combination of innovative technology, modern design and versatile capability. Get ready to experience the freedom of travel like no other.

Space and Comfort

The Dacia Jogger Extreme was designed with your convenience in mind. With capacity for up to 7 passengers, it is the ideal option for family trips or with groups of friends. Now, all your loved ones can enjoy the wonders of Cascais and the surrounding area together. Plus, ample luggage space ensures no one has to leave anything behind.

Hybrid Efficiency

If you are thinking of traveling in a more ecological and economical way, know that the Dacia Jogger Extreme is hybrid, which means that it combines the efficiency of a combustion engine with the sustainability of an electric motor. Reduce your carbon footprint while saving on fuel, and make your travels more affordable and eco-friendly.

Advanced technology

On board the 7-seat Dacia Jogger, you'll find a host of advanced technological features to enhance your driving experience. From the state-of-the-art entertainment system to the intuitive interfaces, everything is designed to keep you connected, informed and safe on the road. Travel with confidence, knowing you're driving a vehicle equipped with the latest innovations.


Safety is one of our priorities, and the 7-Seater Dacia Jogger is an example of that. With active and passive safety systems, you have peace of mind knowing that your family and friends are protected at every turn. The smooth and responsive handling makes your journeys even more enjoyable, whether in the city or on longer roads.

Discover Cascais from End to End

With the Dacia Jogger Extreme, the power to explore Cascais and the entire surrounding region is in your hands. Enjoy complete freedom to discover the most beautiful beaches, the charming village of Cascais, the stunning sights and the rich local culture. Go to places that other tourists might not be able to see and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Based on the Dacia Jogger 7 Seater there are several options depending on availability within this segment!

Book in advance to have more options to choose from. This vehicle is available for pick-up and delivery both in Cascais and at Lisbon Airport, with an additional cost in the latter location.

Several extras are possible such as a baby chair or child seat, among other options. Insurance is included in the daily rental price of the car. No km limit!

The maximum number of days you can book a car rental is 8 days. Prices vary if you rent a car for up to 3 days, or if you rent a car for up to 8 days.

For long-term rental of any vehicle, please contact us.

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