Car Rental Group D

Renault Clio Break or Similar

A compact family car that will make your rental a unique, comfortable, economical and safe experience.

1 to 3 days: €61.50


4 to 8 days: €55.35


Deposit amount: €750​

Prices Valid for 30 days​

Add €2.15/day per Toll Identifier (maximum charged 10 days)
5 places
Air conditioning
Unlimited Km
Insurance Included

Get ready for a versatile and stylish adventure with the Renault Clio Break! This petrol vehicle combines elegance, space and performance to make your rental experience in Cascais even more memorable.

The Renault Clio Break is the perfect partner for exploring the region in comfort and practicality. With enough space to accommodate your family or friends, this 5-seater vehicle offers a spacious and relaxing journey. Enjoy ample luggage space to store your bags and gear, allowing you to be prepared for any adventure that may come your way.

With an elegant design and aerodynamic lines, the Renault Clio Break combines style and efficiency. Its petrol engine offers agile performance and a smooth ride, while advanced technology ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Explore the beautiful roads of Cascais and beyond, enjoying the pleasure of driving this versatile car. From stunning beaches to picturesque fishing villages and historic sights, the Renault Clio Break will accompany you on all your discoveries. Don't wait any longer to live the adventure of your dreams in Cascais.

Contact us and reserve your Renault Clio Break today. Get ready for an unforgettable journey, where every moment will be filled with comfort, style and freedom. Your next great adventure starts here!

Based on the Renault Clio Break there are several options depending on availability within this segment.

Book in advance to have more options to choose from. This vehicle is available for pick-up and delivery both in Cascais and at Lisbon Airport, with an additional cost in the latter location.

Several extras are possible such as a baby chair or child seat, among other options. Insurance is included in the daily rental price of the car. No km limit!

The maximum number of days you can book a car rental is 8 days. Prices vary if you rent a car for up to 3 days, or if you rent a car for up to 8 days.

For long-term rental of any vehicle, please contact us.

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